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23 August 2012 @ 04:24 pm
"The history of garage rock in the USSR" (2012)  

Artist: Various
Title: "The history of garage rock in the USSR"
Released: 03.VI.2012
#: Karliki Records 010
Track Listing:
01-Kochevniki - "Grandma" (1970)
02-Kochevniki - "Over the seas, beyond the forests" (1970)
03-Kochevniki - "Your Vision" (1970)
04-Zhar-Ptitsa - "Rock-n-Roll" (1981)
05-Briolinovaya Mechta - "Whiskers" (1989)
06-Mike Naumenko & Burlaki - "Sweet Little Rock'n'Roll" (1990)
07-Anton Myatezhniy & Burlaki - "Tequila" (1990)
08-Anton Myatezhniy & Burlaki - "She can move yourself" (1990)
09-Dilizhans - "Hippo no waist" (1983)
10 Dilizhans - "Rubik's Cube" (1983)
11-Opasnye Sosedi - "On the morning of the run" (1988)
12-Secretniy Uzhin - "Funny song about the dead" (1990)
13-Secretniy Uzhin - "Mumu not subject to none" (1990)
14-Briolinovaya Mechta - "Night Window" (1990)
15-Briolinovaya Mechta - "Far beyond the sea" (1990)
16-Briolinovaya Mechta - "I go walk across Moscow" (1990)
17-Kabinet - "Floor is shaking with fever" (1985)
18-Protivoves - "Sofa" (1986)
19-Protivoves - "Ideal woman" (1986)
20-Standard - "Lets Twist Again" (1984)

Today we bring you a collection of garage rock songs that were recorded in the USSR from 1970 to 1990. Some names are well known, such as the name of the legendary Mike Naumenko. And the other ("Secretniy Uzhin" or "Burlaki") known only to specialists, without whom this collection never have happened.

All of these songs were selected by from a huge collection of one of the most prominent researchers of Garage Rock in Russia - Paul «Real Art» Baleevsky. Restoration and mastering by Alexei Mikryukov aka King Imagine, designed by Nicholas Abramenko.

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